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i-mve is a cutting-edge, user-friendly software solution designed to optimise the operations of removals and storage companies. 

Warren Leggett and Rob Sinclair - owners of i-mve removals software

Our story

The company was founded by Warren and Rob, both entrepreneurs with a shared goal of building a strong community and reducing the administrative burden on removals and storage businesses. Warren, the founder of Warren’s Removals & Storage, started his venture in 2014 with a hired van and, through hard work and determination, he was able to expand the company to a fleet of 9 Luton vehicles, a specially designed 18-tonne removals truck, and a 24-person team executing moves across the UK.

However, Warren encountered difficulties in managing the paperwork aspect of the business. To address this challenge, he enlisted the help of his friend Rob, a tech-savvy individual with expertise in media and content creation. Together, they embarked on a two-year journey to develop i-mve, an innovative software solution that addresses the pain points of the removals industry.

Rob’s technical skills and experience in media were instrumental in creating this software, which provides customers with a powerful tool to streamline their administrative tasks and focus on the core operations of their business.

Less admin, more mves